Vidéos - Camille Delannoy
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Photos & Videos


Cabo Verde Addiction

I was looking for a destination to go on a kite trip in April and I did not really know where. I was checking the conditions everywhere on the planet, I saw that they were having some good one in Cape Verde in April, on the island of Sal. Two days later, the plane tickets were booked and the next day I was in the plane! 

I spent 10 amazing days in Cape Verde : 100% wind with good waves in the beginning of the stay. At this part of the season in Cape Verde, we use all kite sizes from 6 to 12 m. The welcome was top again with Mitu, Djo and all the locals who made me discover new spots around the Sal. The spot is always popular with pro riders: Julien Kerneur was there, it was super cool to share some sessions with him! Mitu and Djo have been with me every day on the water. For Matchu and Airton, one was in Boa Vista and the other in Hawaii, unfortunately. During the trip, we realized a downwind with Julien, Mitu, Djo, from the north of Sal to Kitebeach. At this moment you realize the number of spots that there’s around Sal and the number of waves breaks.

In short, it was a great trip to Sal and I look forward to return to this island!

In the steps of Mitu

I spend two weeks in Cape Verde with Mitu Monteiro and brought back some shot of this amazing experience: a great welcome, a Mitu both friendly, expert and available …  I learned a lot!

Snowboard Session

I spend a part of the year in La Clusaz, where I do snowboarding and skiing. I took my GoPro one day of powder snow here is the result : a typical snowboard session .

Preabeach Villas

Discover my base camp on the beach of Prea / Jericoacoara in Brazil : Preabeach villas , a hotel with 4 villas , situated directly on the kite spot .

Double Backroll Strapless

I love the feeling of the backroll sent high in strapless . One day my father said, ” you are doing double frontroll , why not double back ? ” I went in the water and on the second attempt , I’ve land it! The feeling when engaging the second rotation is really great !

Mad in Breizh

I spend 2 weeks in Britain with Etienne Lhote and he introduced me to different spots in the region. I really had a great time there and that’s why I chose to do this video.

Training day in Prea

I really wanted to show a typical session of kitesurfing training for me , that’s why I chose to do this video. I also wanted to show Brazil with beautiful picture , and I think I succeeded!

Double Frontroll Strapless

After training on the double frontroll strapless , falling , tried again and fell again, it’s finally happened! The feeling when you land for the first time a trick like this is really huge !

The Endless Prea

Keahi De Aboitiz came to Brazil in September and I spend 2 days riding with him. It was great to ride with him and I learned a lot. I hope to do a session again with him soon !