CAMILLE - Camille Delannoy
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Camille Delannoy

Né le : 10/02/1999

Born in Reims, Camille Delannoy has always lived in the environment of action sports since his parents, medical doctors passionate about snow sports, move to the city of Annecy when he is 2 months old. Between the lake and the mountains, he started skiing at the age of 2, the wakeboarding at the age of 5 and, as soon as he did not class, divides his time between training, ski competitions and freeriding. During his summer holidays, he follows his parents (all 2 windsurfers) on windsurfing spots in France and abroad and, at 8 years old, Camille starts windsurfing. This allows him to get to know the wind, the waves, and the sea in general. During a stay in Brazil, he starts kitesurfing. He is 12 years old and is passionate for this sport and for the beach of Jericoacoara / Prea, spot of its beginnings. A year later, the dream came true and Camille moved to her favorite spot where her parents built a hotel, Preabeach Villas. Beginning with the twin-tip, he quickly starts strapless and discover new sensations, downwind along the endless white sand beaches of the Nordeste, in sessions of waves or even freestyle in front of his home … he is Sailing every day, trying new tricks, progressing in the waves … and, in 2015, he regains the champion Mitu Monteiro for a downwind to the brazil of 500 km; he give him many tips, allowing Camille to progress even more in strapless. Since then, Camille has taken advantage of all the opportunities to ride alongside the best, which allows him to learn more and more. Today, Camille Delannoy divides his time between Brazil, where he lives 8 months a year, the French Alps and his various trips around the world. He holds a BAC S  and he is actually studying international business. Its objective: to discover new spots, to be among the best in competition of waves and freestyle and especially:

Have a good time all the time